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In a time before the Dragon Wars consumed Tarmor, the Dragonsouls ruled over the five races. Then, during the destruction of the Cataclysm that followed the wars, the Dragonsouls disappeared. Most wizards thought them destroyed forever, and a great peace settled over the land, each of the five races finding its place, decimated and hidden as it may be.

But the winds of Chaos blow eternal, and peace can never last. Secrets thought hidden are oft discovered. Though magic only remains in the hands of a few, and the Paladins of Balance are vanishing, some may still stand against the coming storm. Those who will rise have yet to prove themselves, and who stokes the tempest is yet to be known.

“A Balance Broken” is the first tale of The Dragonsoul Saga, a story to span an epic horizon, yet enter the hidden recesses of the human heart, even if that heart is not so human.

"J.T. Hartke has put together a new version of the classic stories I read as a kid, but made them relevant to adults. I love what he has done." -- Colby Dunaway, G-Mart Comics

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A free sample download of the first four chapters are available here!.

J.T. Hartke premiered “A Balance Broken, Book I of the Dragonsoul Saga” at Comic-Con in San Diego in 2012.  He also appeared at GenCon Indy with his new short for the Dragonsoul Universe in Dragonroots Magazine’s “Missing Pieces, Volume III”.

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